Voltage and temperature alarm device УСЛН250МБ


Device УСЛН250МБ is designed to give an alarm in case of critical state of a nickel-cadmium battery caused by its heating up to (65 ±2) °C, as measured by temperature sensor, or in case of voltage unbalance between two storage battery groups (10 pcs. each) caused by internal short circuit of individual batteries or impermissible voltage increase in the process of charging. The battery is equipped with a temperature sensor. The device receives at its input signals from the temperature sensor and voltage from the two storage battery groups. The device is provided with a self-test feature for pre-flight check-up.

Technical characteristics:

DC supply voltage from storage battery (24.0-29.4) V
Current consumption 50 mA max.
Parameters of signal about battery critical status supplied to indicator lamp:

voltage 1.5 V min.

current 250 mА
Duty continuous
Weight 2 kg max.