New-generation servo drive - thrust control actuator ПРТ-2-10 (control cassette and gear)


Thrust control actuator ПРТ-2-10 is intended to automatically convert low-power control signals, which are issued by computers in the analogue form, into angular displacement of aircraft engines control levers at a rate proportional to the control signal voltage, and to provide thrust control switchover from automatic to manual mode.
The actuator is a component part of aircraft piloting and navigation equipment.

Technical characteristics:

Nominal DC supply voltage 27 V, 33 V
Control signal dead band, max. ±0.25 V
Load torque on the output shaft 10.78 N•m
Maximum turning angle of each output shaft 96°
Number of output shafts 2
Rotation speed of electric actuators’ output shafts, min. 2.5 rpm
Ambient temperature (operating) -55°С to +55°С
Actuator weight 5.5 kg