Electric drives (electric actuators) for aircraft engine control

Description Control unit System type Number of channels Purpose
МРТ-204У БУПРТ-96 Speed proportional 2 Movement of thrust levers in the automatic mode
МРД27 БУПРД-27 1 Translation of thrust levers displacement into change of engine fuel flow control valve position
МРТ-96У БУПРТ-96 4 Thrust lever movements
МРТ-2-10 МПРТ-2-10 (кассета) 2(1)
МПК-40 - Actuating - Control of engine fuel control valve
ПУД-50А БУП ПУД-50А Position servo 2 Aircraft engine thrust control
СДУ-Д-2А БУП-Д-2А Position servo 2 Engine remote control system